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The bar codes identification technology is more than 30 years old. Globally, Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) is considered as the alternative to bar codes. This technology is able to interact with other technologies in different fields, creating a wide variety of possibilities.

The interaction among the different technologies requires the establishment of nationwide working groups. This leads to the appearance of new industrial RFID forums. Despite of this, due to RFID’s multidisciplinary nature, Spanish institutions have many drawbacks when trying to introduce it in their facilities.

The Spanish Association for Tracking and Tracing (SETRA) has been created to face this situation. It is composed by many members throughout the whole country. Annually, SETRA organises a Scientific Workshop where researchers and experts from different areas of knowledge share their own experiences.

Last News (The June 20th, 2014)

  • Call For Papers for Workshop on User- and Ambient-Adaptive Gerontechnologies (WAGER). (More Information). (20-06-2014). Nuevo
  • Call For Papers for 7th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing and Ambient Intelligence (UCAmI 2013), 5th International Work-conference on Ambient Assisted Living (IWAAL 2013) and 6th Latin American Conference on Human Computer Interaction (CLIHC 2013). (14-05-2013).
  • Call For Participation for Smart SysTech 2013. (14-05-2013).
  • Extended Deadline for esIoT-2013 until March 1st. In addition to the contributions of SETRA members, the deadline will be abstract and title until the official day (March 1st) and the full paper until the end of March. (The February 27th, 2013).
  • esIoT-2013. For all SETRA members report that will be an option to make virtual sessions for member contributions. In addition to the contributions of SETRA members, the deadline will be abstract and title until the official day (February 25) and the full paper by 25 March. (Call For Papers). (More Information). (The February 20th, 2013).
  • Due to several requests, the deadline for the full paper submission for Smart SysTech 2013 will be extended from January 31 to February 14, 2013.
  • Call For Papers for International Workshop on Extending Seamlessly to the Internet of Things (esIoT-2013) in conjunction with the IEEE 7th IMIS-2013 - 3rd-5th July (Taiwan). (More Information). (The January 24th, 2013).
  • 2nd Call For Papers for Smart SysTech 2013. (More Information). (The January 16th, 2013).
  • Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2013.
  • European Conference on Smart Objects, Systems and Technologies (Smart SysTech 2013). Erlangen, Germany. June 11 to 12, 2013. (More Information). (The November 26th, 2012).
  • Call for Papers of the PITSac-2013 (International Workshop on Pervasive Internet of Things and Smart Cities) will be held from the March 25th to March 27th, 2013 in Barcelona (Spain). (Call For Papers) (The June 25th, 2012).

An email distribution list is available. To send a message to the distribution list, send an email to: lista_setra(At)

In order to contact with us, send a email to: webmaster(At)

We apologyze for any inconvenience, but we are still translating this website.

Old news

Areas of interest

  • Electronic and Communication Technologies in RFID: RFID Hardware, communication standards, and storage and access to information.
  • RFID in Organization and Management of Production: Production traceability, Traceability for logistics/Life cycle, RFID and Maintenance.
  • RFID Software: Data Mining, Databases and RFID / access to information.
  • Development of software / ubiquitous computing: RFID Middleware - ERP, Information management based on Multi-Agent Systems.
  • Automation of production and logistics: materials handling and RFID, Distributed Control based on Agents.
  • Near-Field Communication.
  • Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications of RFID.

Annual Scientific Workshop promoted by SETRA

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